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‘Why Indian Classical Music leaves such a deep impact on our mind?’

Indian Classical Music: Divinity of Simplicity

“Hello guys, recently I was with my family members to a family friend’s wedding ceremony. It was a typical Maharashtriyan wedlock event, where the entrance was decorated with big banana leaves, elegant ladies with their 9 meter saris (nauwar saris) were chatting and immaculately dressed gentlemen in silk Nehru shirts and pyjamas were enjoying the happy moment. The background had indispensible shahanai played by Ustad Bismillah Khan.”

Behind me, an old gentleman was talking with a person in the chair next to him, “It’s Malkauns by Bismillahji.”

This sentence instantly aroused my curiosity. I went on listening to the old gentleman. He further said, “It’s a fact that many of us don’t know anything of Indian Classical ragas. Yet, that don’t hinder our deeply rooted friendship with the Indian Classical Music. For example, we all know a very beautiful song sung by Mukeshji from the famous Hindi film Mera Naam Jocker “Jane Kahan Gaye Who Din”. I am ready to bet that not even 10 persons in the wedding hall know the raga used in this song. It’s Shivranjani. Every wedding ceremony or every happy moment seems incomplete, unless Bismillahji’s shahanai is played. These are the simplest links established by those who know very little or even nothing about Indian Classical Music and thus they relate Indian Classical Music with their routine life.

This made me think,

‘Why Indian Classical Music leaves such a deep impact on our mind?’

My question has a hidden answer, ‘it has the power to change you thoroughly and create a new person.’

Sangeet Saadhana or ‘Never Ending Practice of Music’ is like a soul to the art of Indian classical Musicians, which not only takes them miles away from the ‘celeb egotism’ but also fills with a gentle touch of self sophistication. So, we see them full with the soft nods of kindness and modesty. It’s a classic part of this Saadhana that it renders the Saadhak (or Practitioner) with the target of flawlessness. Indian Classical Musicians worship Music, as if a true devotee strictly follows his sacred practice. Through this Saadhana all the energy that the practitioner has is focused to reach to the pristine self and art.

Effectiveness_vs_Simplicity Indian classical music
‘Why Indian Classical Music leaves such a deep impact on our mind?’

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Generally, we see Indian Classical Musicians to be humble. Tabla Nawaaz Ustad Zakir Hussian has always been seen touching feet of elder musicians present on the dais. Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur used to travel from his hometown Dharwad to Kolhapur to take music lessons from guru Ustad Burji Khan. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was well-known for his inflexible and relentless practice of music.

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Also, you might have seen a chela (or a disciple) touching his/her ear whenever he refers to his/her guru’s name. It’s a gesture of an apology for uttering guru’s name. Such a dedication of a disciple to the master is an outstanding quality of Indian Classical Musicians, despite of disciple’s high social rank. He completely surrenders to the master, which symbolizes his unending zeal to confess that he still stands as a learner. Thus Indian Classical Musicians get the power of self-recognition.

Indian Classical Music has the power to upset even inborn alertness of day-breaking and fall of night. If, wholeheartedly, you go on listening to a master piece of Indian Classical Music, after a few moments, it takes you into such a trance that you get your senses back only when the sun spread his rays over the entire atmosphere.

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