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Mogubai Kurdikar
Mogubai Kurdikar

Gaan Tapasvini Mogubai Kurdikar : Short biography

Mogubai Kurdikar
                     Gan Tapaswini Mogubai Kurdikar

It’s a universal truth that if parents keep ambitions, child also attains a high respect in the society.

Same was the fact with Jayashribai, Mogubai Kurdikar’s mother, who also wished her daughter to be a summit in singing. With seven years old Mogubai, she left Kurdi and started walking to Jambavali.

There she requested a religious singer to initiate Mogubai’s musical training. As he would wander different places, Mogubai had a few months’ training under him. Sensing her musical wits, Jayashribai went to ‘Chandreshwar Bhootnath Sangeet Mandali’ and requested singers therein for Mogubai’s further tutoring. The owner of the company also allotted her some roles like Pralhad and Dhruva. When she would be applauded by the audience, Jayashribai would be overjoyed.

After a few days, Jayashribai took ill. Before leaving the world, she handed Mogubai’s custody to one Balkrishna Parvatkar, who was her confidante in the company. As she was breathing her last, she affectionately took hold of Mogubai’s hand and said, “O my darling Mogu, never forget one thing! Until you attain a high place in singing, my soul wouldn’t be at peace.” Mogubai Kurdikar also assured her mother, “Mother, I’ll neglect humiliation, but focus on an incessant practice only. I’ll attain a high respect in singing to fulfill your dream.”

It was the same time, when the company too breathed its last and Mogubai Kurdikar went back to Kurdi with Balkrishna Parvatkar. Thereafter, she shifted to Sangli for her medical treatment, where she had some training from Inayat Khasaheb.

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Once, when Mogubai was practicing wholeheartedly, her melodious singing reached to the legendary singer Alladiya Khasaheb, who too was there for medication. Unaware of his fame, she demonstrated her singing skill to him and insisted for further training. However, in a short while she became aware of his singing expertise. Khasaheb too trained her for non-stop one and half years during his stay there. He was very much pleased with Mogubai’s singing intellect and kept no restrictions in her training.

But again, Mogubai’s misfortune was at the doorstep. Khasaheb left for Mumbai. Though he invited her there, it wasn’t that much easy. At last, somehow, she managed to rent a small place at Khetwadi and shifted to Mumbai for the training under Khasaheb.

However, her trouble followed her there too. Khasaheb’s disciples put forth a condition that besides them, he shouldn’t train anybody else. Therefore, Khasaheb temporarily arranged her training under his brother, Hyder Khasaheb’s care. Though, after some years, Hyder Khasaheb too had to leave Mumbai, yet Mogubai Kurdikar went on persistently with her practice.

It was the same moment, when suddenly Alladiya Khasaheb came to her and started her training. He also accepted then her as a disciple by performing the ritual of ‘Ganda-Bandhan’.

Mogubai’s singing was very harmonious and technically powerful, which is rare these days. Her singing has a special quality of pure Khyal. Merely for public entertainment, she never sang for any other sort. Nobody has ever listened to her Thumari.
She was honored by Sangeet Natak Academy. Unexpectedly, she left for her heavenly abode on Saturday, the 10th February 2001.

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