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Singer Mian Tansen

Tansen: The naughty boy with God gifted singing ability. (Childhood Story of Mian Tansen)

Singer Mian Tansen

Legends narrate that the only child of a singer Mukandan Misra and his wife would flawlessly imitate the calls of birds and animals. The family was living in Behat near Gwalior. Being naughty, the kid Tansen would frequently run away to play in the forest.

In one of his forest adventures, he met with a famous singer Swami Haridas, who was happened to travel through the forest with his disciples. As the singers’ group was tired, they settled down to rest under a shady grove. It was the moment, when Tansen saw them.

Looking to those strangers in the forest, Tansen thought to frighten them by mimicking a tiger roar. As soon as they heard a tiger approaching, terrified disciples scattered to all the directions, except Swami Haridas. Swamiji assured them and ordered to come together once again.

Accidently, one of the disciples could notice a small boy hiding behind a tree. Laughing with disbelief, he said, “Swamiji, the tiger was no other than this mischievous boy.”

It was the very moment, when Swami Haridas could evaluate little Tansen’s talent and so did not punish him. With him, Swamiji went to Tansen’s father and after narrating him the whole incidence requested, “Mukandan, though this litter Tansen is very naughty, God has gifted him with the rarest of the singing ability. I would be fortunate enough to make him a good singer.” Later at the age of 10, Tansen’s training under the apt guidance of Swami Haridas initiated. With Swamiji, he lived for eleven years. He learnt music to be a renowned singer.

Before his death, Tansen’s father Mukandan Misra’s conveyd his dying wish that he should visit a holy man Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior. Mukandan Misra was his devotee. In his days in Gwalior with Mohammed Ghaus, Tansen would be taken regularly to the court of a great musician Rani Mrignaini. There he met Hussaini, one of the ladies of the court and married her. In the upcoming years, Hussaini also became Swami Haridas’s disciple. The couple had five children who were all very musical.

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