Saturday , September 24 2022


Practice Tips To Improve Solo Tabla Playing

Solo Tabla Player

Hi Classicals, These days, percussion instruments also are becoming popular in the musical world. Therefore, in the Tabla solo playing, the Tabla-player becomes the pilot artist. Such types of performances have some essential rules for the soloist Tabla-player, which he/she must be aware of. These can be termed as the Tips for Solo Tabla …

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Are You Really Missing Something In Music ?

Missing Something In Music

Hi Classicals, There are always complaints, “What to listen to in Music?” or “I listen to lot of Music, but I don’t understand it…what shall I do?” This article suggests some simple points to be remembered, which surely will help you to understand and so enjoy music. First of all, …

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Tanpura: An Essential Element For Indian Classical Singers

tanpura_Indian music

Hi classicals, ‘I’m Kuldeep back again here, with the Tanpura in my pen this time…I mean mind this time! You might have seen or attended musical concerts, where an Indian Classical singer or a soloist instrumental player is accompanied by someone droning the Tanpura behind. Such is the importance of …

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