Sunday , September 25 2022
Raag Jog

Notations For Raag Jog

Hello Classicals,

We are going to started posting notations for Indian Raagas which is useful for Music students and beginners. Here is notations for “Raag JogRaag Jog” is one of the famous Raag in Indian Classical Music.

Notations For Raag Jog

Bandish Notations for Raag Jog

This notations of Raag Jog is taken from book “Shruti Vilas”  Author : Late Pandit Shankar Vishnu Kashikar, Sanskar Publication.

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  1. First of all, thanks for the notations. Its really helpful for new ones. Just on request if you also play on flute and upload it .may be on youtube if not possible here. This will be very very helpful to improvise and learn.
    Thanks a lot. Please consider. Also looking forward for many more notations. Will keep following you.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for putting these here .. but can you please post the notations in sa re ga ma script too .. for the benefit of those readers who cannot read the hindi script!


  3. Please try to give notations of rare compositions of classical /semi classical rather than those which are available widely.

  4. There is another Type of raag Jog; with both Gandhar and both Nishad. It is like Raag Tilang with avarohi Komal Gandhar. Both types are in practice.

  5. Manisha Bhattacharyya

    Thanks for this.its really useful and helpful for the beginners.

  6. Priyadarshan Hardikar

    The tanpura downloads, the tabla tuning guidance and the bandish notations are very useful for me.
    Lot of thanks and regards.

  7. i am a student of icm. can the notations be in english?

  8. Is it possible to get notation for Hindi song lagaja gale for key board

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