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Raag Bageshree : Bandish With Notations

Below are notations for Raag Bageshree. You can play it on Harmonium, Flute and violin also. You can use this notations for vocal exam also. More Video Tutorials  : Raag Durga Raag Bhup  Raag Jog  Raag Bageshree Bandish with Notations:   How to play Raag Bageshree Bandish and Notations on …

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What is Indian Classical Music?

What is Indian classical music

Music has various facades. Its divinity and effectiveness is like a boon. Some may even say that it works as protein for our soul. It encourages our spirit. Its astonishing effect and melodies leave a great influence. We can see the presence of music everywhere. We can experience whistles in …

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Indian Classical Music And Chords

Indian Classical Music has chords or not

Two of my friends were debating. One said, “Indian Classical Music has no chords.” And the other said “Yes, it has!” However, when their debating turned into exchanging hot words, I had to intervene. However, the incidence prompted me to write this article. Indian Classical Music has chords or not: …

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Difference between North Indian music and South Indian music

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Vidwan Balmurali Krishanan sharing same stage

Is that ‘Much Ado About Nothing?’ No certainly not…as both the basic types of Indian Classical Music, i.e. North Indian classical music and Carnatic Classical Music have some fundamental variations. Today, instead of using long-winded narration, I would prefer tabular form to explain the same, which I’m sure, is easier …

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Indian Classical Music – An Evolving Tradition

It might seem contradictory to listen to, but the only stable factor of music is evolution. Conservative gharanas also have experienced changes in their techniques over the generations in the performances of singers or musical instrument player. A guru never likes his disciple just copying him. He accepts at as …

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