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Raag Khamaj: Bandish and Notations

Raag Khamaj Notations and Bandish

Below are notations for Raag Khamaj. You can play it on Harmonium, Flute and violin also. You can use this notations for vocal exam also. More Related Articles: Notations For Raag Bhimpalasi Raag Bageshree : Bandish With Notations Various Ragas and it’s Notations with Bandish Tappa in Raag Khamaj: See …

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Raag Multani

Raag Multani_Information

तीवर मध्यम कोमल रिगध, आरोहन रिध हानि पस वादी सम्वादी ते, गुन गावत मुलतानी Brief Description of Raag Multani:  Raag Multani is believed to have its origin in Todi Thaat. In this Raag, Re, Ga and Dha are Komal and Ma is Teevra. Vaadi is Pancham of Samvaadi Shadja. In Aaroh, …

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