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Practice Tips To Improve Solo Tabla Playing

Solo Tabla Player

Hi Classicals, These days, percussion instruments also are becoming popular in the musical world. Therefore, in the Tabla solo playing, the Tabla-player becomes the pilot artist. Such types of performances have some essential rules for the soloist Tabla-player, which he/she must be aware of. These can be termed as the Tips for Solo Tabla …

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How does Tabla produce sound ?

How Tabla produce sound

Key difference in Indian and European Percussion Instruments The main difference in Indian and European percussion instruments is that their instruments only create rhythm and on the other hand, Indian instruments literally speak. The secret is in the ink spot on Indian instruments. European instruments have no ink smearing. Dhol, …

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How to make Tabla drum instrument or Procedure of Tabla making

tabla masala or ink

Hello Classicals, In the chapter ‘History of Tabla drum instrument’,we have gone through the history of the Tabla.Now, in the current discussion, we’ll see,‘Procedure of Tabla making ’. Making of Tabla: The Tabla consists of a pair of Tabla and Dagga (or Bayaa), in which the Tabla is played with the right hand …

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Overview of Tabla (Thabla): Collective information about ‘what this Indian drum instrument is’?

Tabla instrument

On that day I was thinking about all Indian drums and percussion instruments, which I could remember. Considering each one in them, I pondered, ‘I consider the Tabla as the best in them. I, believe, most of the music lovers wouldn’t have any issue’. So, I decided to write an …

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Why tabla has received a place of an ideal accompaniment in Indian Music?

Tabla Instrument

  While listening to Ustad Zakir Hussain’s tabla in my CD player, I started musing, ‘What can be the reason; the tabla has received a place of an ideal accompaniment in Indian Music? Why all the expert tabla players have achieved an enormous fame with their innate simplicity?’ The tabla …

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Role of the Harmonium in Indian Classical Music


Hello Classicals, In the previous article, my friend Kuldeep has discussed about ” How tanpura helps classical singer?”  Many readers like that article. Today I am going to write about “Role of the Harmonium in Indian classical Music” Hope you will like this article also, and you are free to share your valuable …

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Tanpura: An Essential Element For Indian Classical Singers

tanpura_Indian music

Hi classicals, ‘I’m Kuldeep back again here, with the Tanpura in my pen this time…I mean mind this time! You might have seen or attended musical concerts, where an Indian Classical singer or a soloist instrumental player is accompanied by someone droning the Tanpura behind. Such is the importance of …

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Ustad Zakir Hussain: The Magician of the Tabla

Zakir husain

Would it be an exaggerated statement to call Ustad Zakir Hussain as ‘a magician of the tabla’? No certainly not…! Credentials are thus. Zakir Hussain is respected as one of the greatest musicians of our time. Through his stirring performances, he is now known as an Indian cultural envoy. His …

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Shehnai Ace : Ustad Bismilla Khan

Ustad Bismilla Khan

If you ask, even a child, anywhere in India, “what is the shehnai?’ He will give a very simple answer instantly, “Ustad Bismillah Khan”. This is how Bismillah Khan is the king of the wind instrument and has almost become an inseparable phenomenon from his shehnai. He is one of …

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Asad Ali Khan : An Isolated Rudra Veena Player

Asad Ali Khan

When decades of ‘Riyaaz’ unite with the artist’s soul, it creates divine music. Listeners recognize the effect of pure music, when a slim and celebrated musician Asad Ali Khan plays his oversized musical instrument rudra veena with his brand beenkari style. He closes his eyes and a vertical wrinkle appears between …

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