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Raag Nat Bhairav: Bandish with Notations

Raag Nat Bhairav bandish & notations

Here is notations of Raag Nat Bhairav with Bandish. One can use this notations to play on Harmonium,Flute,Keyboard,Violin and for Vocal also. Here you can get Bandish of Raag Nat Bhairav it’s Jati,Vadi, Sanvadi, Gayan Vel, Aroh, Avroh and Pakad. If it useful for you please let us know via …

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Raag Kafi: Bandish and Notations

Raag Kafi bandish and notations

Below are notations for Raag Kafi. You can play it on Harmonium, Flute and violin also. You can use this notations for vocal exam also. More Related Articles:Notations For Raag BhimpalasiRaag Bageshree : Bandish With NotationsVarious Ragas and it’s Notations with Bandish Tappa In Raag Kafi

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Details Of Raag Bahar

Raag Bahar information

रिघ तीवर कोमल निगम, उतरत धैवत टार | स-म सम्वादी-वादी है, समझो राग बहार || Description of Raag Bahar: It is believed that Raag Bahaar has its origin in Kafi Thaat. In this Raag, as Re in Aaroh and Dha in Avaroh are prohibited, its class is believed to be …

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