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Missing Something In Music

Are You Really Missing Something In Music ?

Missing Something In Music

Hi Classicals,

There are always complaints, “What to listen to in Music?” or “I listen to lot of Music, but I don’t understand it…what shall I do?” This article suggests some simple points to be remembered, which surely will help you to understand and so enjoy music.

First of all, if you want the music should make some sense, maybe you should be aware of certain things that music has.  If you are unaware of those keys, then you will face difficulties.

Following are some simple factors to be remembered in general:

  • Do not try to get to the key note, synchronization, tone etc. You should focus on the type of music you are listening to.
  • g. If you are listening to Hindustani Music (i.e. North Indian classical music), there may be quite a few elements, which you should concentrate.
  • The most uncomplicated part in Western music is to recognize the mode.
  • Thereafter are musical requirements and limitations, which convert the simple mode into the raga.
  • Each raga is unique. It is also supportive to know how these musical things are set in a metrical structure; which is nothing but the taal.
  • Music can be a great, curative assistant to help us break away from the various stresses of life. But, it’s a common practice that we listens to music while doing our work or household chores. Thus, we aren’t actively listening to the music. To really take pleasure in good music, we must really listen to it.
  • Try something lighter, or perhaps a slow melody. Don’t imagine anything else.
  • Remember ‘These are my moments to listen to, enjoy and relax through music!’
  • Find out your own musical channel that you love most.

On our blog we are always  trying to upload some best Indian Classical Ragas. You can listen few of them below:

You will get more ragas in our tab Videos.

lets continue our main topic…

  • Identify with three main technical ideas in musical composition:

1) Reappearance: This plainly refers to a recurring piece of music.

2) Variant: Herein, a piece of music is repeated, with alterations.

3) New Tunes: This is a new piece of music launched.

  • Listen once more to the same piece of music:Concentrate to as many details as you can.
  • Try to detach particular details like rhythms in the forefront or background, short musical figures in the principal melody and accompanying instruments.
  • Listen with deep concentration:Listen only to the bass, if there is one. Notice things therein that are energetic and charged with meaning. Perceive formerly observed features by exchanging your concentration from one to the other. Become aware of the kinds of variations at your favorite moment.
  • Develop an intellectual diagram of the lyrics, vocalists and energies that are united to create music.
  • Listen to variety:Listening to the same piece of music repeatedly can be unexciting. Develop your musical tastes with not only diverse pieces, but also dissimilar musicians and even poles apart types.
  • And most importantly, while listening to your music, enjoy a cup of hot tea or a drink of your preference. This will surely work, if anything goes wrong.

I hope you will find this tips effective for listening and understanding music. If I am missing any tip please share in comments, I would love to learn more tips from you.

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