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Who We Are?

Hey Classicals,

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For thousands of years, Indian Classical Music has been referred with the highest reverence by the rest of the world, as it directly and easily permits the listener to connect with the Supreme Soul. It cleanses our mind at once. For this accomplishment, we must thank our forefathers, who have handed over this thread to us.

We at “Swarmanttra”, are committed to provide you the best from Indian Classical Music…be it an article, a news, a rare photograph of a musician, a video / an audio clip, information about a book, an unheard anecdote about music and a musician. You just think about music, we’ll endeavor to provide it to you through our blog and facebook page.

I’m sure; you’re enjoying this ‘oven-fresh’ blog about Indian Classical Music. I know you’re uneasy and this discomfort has its root in your curiosity to know ‘who runs this blog?’ That’s why, you’re here. Now, instead of beating around the bush, I’ll come straight to the point.

Kuldeep Thopate & Pratik KashalluIt’s a fact that friends’ hearts echo the same tune. Here also we two friends had the same idea of this blog at the same time in the past. We are Pratik Kashallu (Right) and my friend Kuldeep Thopate (Left) the steady followers of Indian Classical Music…just like you.

Kuldeep is an engineer by profession and works with ‘Cummins India Ltd’. I’ve my own business and have a passion for collecting antique gramophone records and record players. Thousands of antique gramophone records and many record players are available in my won collection. With this zeal, some other bright feathers also are tied to our caps. We always visit singing-instrumental events of Indian Classical Music, endlessly read about it and meet with the classical singers and musicians.

Ashwini Bhide
Me and Kuldeep with Ashwini Tai Bhide

Though, it might be a squirrel’s share, but with our genuine hope, we wish to contribute into the limitless filed of Indian Classical Music. We know, this would be like adding a drop into the ocean. Yet, in view of that, we both are learning Harmonium and Mridang respectively.

We both are completely engrossed in our occupations for essential breadwinning. Yet, sparing for a moment, two years ago, we have got off the ground for our facebook page ‘Indian Classicl Music Fan Club’. It has received a huge response from Indian and overseas music lovers. To your astonishment, until today, this page has had 22K+ likes and those too without any advertisement. Every day, at least 50 new music lovers are joining us from all over the world. We’re sure; this might be the only page worldwide, working for Indian Classical Music and receiving such a huge applause. It’s a thing of absolute happiness for us that through this page, we connect with 90K people every week.

With such an enormous response from the music lovers, one of the most popular newspapers ‘Indian Express’ also took cognizance of our facebook page and facilitated us on the 29th July 2013. For this, we’re thoroughly grateful to the authorities there and obviously you all.

Swarmanttra_Press release

We know your warm support, which is the central energy of our enthusiasm. With it, we have stepped forward with our blog Through this blog, we’ll be endeavoring to let you know about the pieces of various information of Indian Classical Music, performers, their anecdotes, some tips and the music-related events happening around you.

Why Swarmanttra?

Now, you may have a doubt, why the blog has the title as ‘Swar-Mantra’?

We’ll be glad to share with you that the word is the unique blend of the words Swara+Mantra=SwarMantra, where ‘Swara’ is the soul of Indian Classical Music. They are 12, as you all know. The other word ‘Mantra’ has the relation with philosophy. We believe that God resides in the ‘Mantra’. We Indians have a steadfast belief that God can be attained through the chanting of the ‘Mantra’. It is also assumed that Indian Classical Music has its origin in the chanting of these ‘Mantras’. Therefore, we have chosen the title SwarMantra for our blog, which underlines the everlasting relation between Music and Spirituality. We’re very much sure that all you music connoisseurs would be in love with this Mantra of Swaras also, which we are chanting.

Through ‘Contact Us’ in our blog, you can share your expectations about the themes and articles, the music-related events that you know.

We’re confident that your encouragement would be the strength for us in the future, as it was in the past and these days also, to run this blog. We’re expecting the same response and the trust that you always have shown in our facebook page. If you like anything on Swarmanttra, please share it with your friends and relatives. If you wish to receive our blog posts directly into your mailbox, please ‘subscribe’ us. Join our social media page today that is mentioned below.

Thanks. . . 🙂


  1. Your website&blogs are reallyawesome!

  2. Good promotion of our spiritual and divine music.

  3. Another edit recommendation… In this sentence, “… With such an enormous response from the music lovers, one of the most popular newspapers ‘Indian Express’ also took cognizance of our facebook page and felicitated us…”, the correct word is “facilitated” not “felicitated”. Happy to be of assistance. Thank you.

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